15 12 2017

Begining on January 1st, 2018, new rules related to the employment of foreigners in Poland come into force.

There will be a new type of work permit – a work permit for seasonal workers, which according to the newly-introduced regulation will apply to work performed in agriculture and activities related to housing and catering services. In these areas, it will no longer be possible to entrust work to a foreigner on the basis of a „statement“. At the same time, regulation concerning the procedure of employing a foreigner on the basis of a registered „statement on entrusting the performance of work“is becoming extensive and detailed. The Polish legislator decided, among other things, to regulate the list of reasons for refusal to register the statement, as well as provided for the possibility of appeal against such a decision. Work on the basis of old „statements“ can only be performed until the end of 2018.

The new regulations should affect the transparency of procedures as well as counteract the abuses that occurred in connection with the registration of „statements“.